Monday, August 29, 2011

Okay...Enough About Me. Let 's Talk About My New Project...(heehee).

Sometimes, as I'm writing this blog, I have a hard time silencing the little voice in the back of my head that keeps repeating: "Who cares!? I mean, really...what makes you think anyone really wants to hear what you have to say? Enough about you, already." In the beginning, I was just writing journal entries of stories that I wanted to preserve for my kids to read so they would know what I was thinking and feeling as they are growing up. People always told me I should write down my thoughts. That writing can be therapeutic. That I have a story to tell (translated: I have had a lot of crazy life experiences). As it turns out, I love writing and more people started reading and encouraging me and it has evolved into a little blog by an unknown mommy living in a little-known town that is being read in places all over the world, some which I have never even heard of. Very cool but also kinda scary. I am, as they say, putting myself out there. Way out there.

Why, you may ask, am I willing to make myself vulnerable and expose myself (as it were) this way? For a couple of reasons. As you may have surmised by now, I'm not shy. At all. Not in my relationships, not with my thoughts and opinions, just not shy. Never have been. People ask me if I get nervous singing in front of a big arena and TV cameras at Lakewood Church. I don't. I'm not shy about my relationship with God, either. I really love worshiping and praising and I am blessed to be able to do it whether I'm all by myself or in front of a lot of people. It's just what I love to do. I believe it's what we were all born to do. (In our own individual ways, of course). I want the world to know that for me, living for Christ is a joyous and wonderful gift and I love sharing the good news with everyone who will listen.

There is another reason. I hear women saying things like this all the time: "Do you know what I mean?' "Has that ever happened to you?" "Can you relate to what I'm going through?" and it just struck a chord that many of us could really use a lot more validating and affirming. We all do. This forum is a great way for me to do that. To let others going through similar challenges know they that they are not alone.

I also felt, down in my spirit, that God wanted me to allow people a glimpse into the life of an ordinary, Christian family who is just trying to do our best day to day. We trip up, we make mistakes, our kids are wonderful but they are not angels, we are all full of incredible silliness, we love being together and we laugh a lot! We are also seeking to be a family after God's own heart. We cry out to God with praise in our victories and sorrow during times of distress. We are striving to grow in our walk with God as a couple by being obedient to God's word. We are praying and seeking for guidance as we raise our children to love and trust God and to learn to live a life of faith while practicing respect for themselves and others. We are not pious, or arrogant or self righteous. (No Christian should be any of those things, should they?) We love each other with deep affection and loyalty. We work as a team. We are just, By no means perfect but then again, we are not trying to be perfect. We're just trying to live right.

So, the answer to that little voice that says "who cares?' is simple. I do. I care a lot. I care a lot about my family and I want to be a blessing to my readers by putting my life out there and letting you all see that whatever you are going through...I get it. I've been through some pretty tough times, myself. It matters. We all matter. We all have had similar struggles and we're all in this thing called life together. It's so much easier when you have friends to dish with and vent to along the way. I'm here to pray with you if you need prayer or to give you a cyber-hug if you need one. Or to just listen if you want to vent. You know where to find me, don't you? So you see? It's not all about me. Just sounds that way sometimes. Ha!

I am also working on a project that is near and dear to my heart and I'll be making some announcements pretty soon about my progress on that front. All I can tell you now is that I feel that God has called me to do more than write about being a mom, or sing on the worship team and I'm getting ready to get out there and really make a difference for other mothers and mothers-to-be! I'm excited and I hope you will be too. I'm counting on your support and prayers and am so grateful to each one of you who take the time out of your busy lives to read Living Like Kingsburys. The best is yet to be! My love to you all.



  1. Wow Cat,
    I was just telling someone how much I love reading your blog for exactly the reasons you've mentioned. No joke - I even used words like "makes me not feel so alone" and "can really relate" and "affirms me". I'm glad you're around and I think God knows we all need each other! Please pray for wisdom and stenghth for me this Thursday - life changing decisions will be made. Thanks!

  2. Pam...I will absolutely pray that God will direct your steps and give you wisdom and clarity as you make the decisions you have to make.
    That is such awesome confirmation for me. Your comment has really blessed me more than you know! So glad we can 'be here' for each other!


  3. Let me just say, Cat (may I call you that too? :D), you are truly an inspiration...for real! And an encouragement to me, always! I'm excited about your upcoming project (whatever it is...curious minds want to know). Thanks!!!

  4. Thanks for helping break shackles that I didn’t even know I was wearing – spirit of defeat – passive/aggressive tendencies disguised as politeness – lack of gratitude. My husband had tried to tell me – but I don’t understand GUY-anese. Family members had hinted at my attitudinal deficiencies – but what do they know (Jersey accent) – apparently allot.

    Your writing has the ability to jump off the page and have a cup of coffee/conversation with me.

    Thanks for being my good God-friend. God bless your new project – It is going to be AWESOME!


  5. I love your comments, guys. You all really bless me with your kind words! I'm glad we all have each other to go through this journey with!


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