Thursday, June 23, 2011

There's Nothing to Do!

Oh, the good 'ole summer time. In May I was excitedly counting down the days with my kids. We were all so excited to be finished with school. I was daydreaming of staying up late and sleeping in. Of getting all of my stalled projects completed, Imagining all kinds of little day long adventures here and there. Museums, the zoo, etc. Weeeeell, that's not exactly how it's been playing out. David's been working non-stop and the kids don't seem to want to get out of their pajamas and into play clothes. My projects are still on hold and the house looks like a high powered explosive has been detonated leaving behind a massive fallout of toys and clothes and mismatched socks.

I can just hear you now: "Well come on, girl, get a move on...there's no time to waste. Summer will be over before you know it!" Yeah, yeah...I know. I should. Problem is, we all seem to be in the same lazy frame of mind around here so we're all enabling each other. Many mornings I've bounced eagerly out of bed (at 10am) and rubbed my hands together as I tried to motivate my troops. "Ok, kids...what are we going to do today? Want to go to the water park? How about the Children's Museum?" My kids: "Can't we just be lazy and then go fishing in the afternoon?" Of course here is where I should probably take the bull by the horns and say forcefully, "No, by golly, we are going to load up the car and head to the pool and have fun and get all sun screened and then sunburned anyway and waterlogged and have FUN whether you want to or not!" But alas, no. I can't bring myself to say it. It's just not in me to push it these days.

This is not to say that we aren't having fun. We are having a blast. Last weekend we did a little 'staycation' in Galveston at the San Luis resort. If you've never been, you should go. The pool is great and the service is impeccable. You should have seen our little diva, Mattie when the pool attendant came by with little cups of complimentary frozen grapes. She told him "Don't go too far away, please...I'll probably need lots more of these." Ha! We swam and swam then had dinner at The Steakhouse restaurant there at the resort. It's my absolute favorite local restaurant. Steaks that melt in your mouth. Yumm. Spent the evening poolside again then went to Rainforest Cafe the next day and it really felt like we were far away instead an hour's drive from home. Great times and wonderful memories of standing at the end of the jetty watching our kids commanding the waves to splash them or get bigger (the waves obeyed, thank you, God). Still...we were all eager to get back home.

As I'm writing this there is classical music tinkling quietly in the background and the kids are in various states of dress (boys barefoot in their PJ's and Mattie in a ridiculous pair of overalls and a tank top with sparkly silver sandals) outside fishing and playing in the sand pile. I served breakfast this morning to two medieval nights in full battle gear and one princess wearing a fancy tiara. (I was the serving wench complete with English accent, thank you very much). Tonight I'm planning an extensive fancy dinner consisting of grilled burgers, baked potatoes and corn on the cob. David may or may not be home in time for dinner. He'll be here when he gets here, I guess. The house is still a mess but all of the pertinent parts are clean. I haven't bothered to put in my contacts or put on makeup or in any way made the effort to be cute today. There's a beautiful freedom in the fact that I am just as loved with or without all of that. Hectic days with their schedules and demands will return. We'll be busy packing and planning for our vacation in Maine, soon. For now, though, it seems there is nothing to do.

Yep...I'm going to get right on it. :0)


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  1. Your kids remind me of when my kids were little and would get a big fancy toy for there birthday. Then just want to play in the big cardboard box it came in for hours on end. We like to do wonderful things for them, but sometimes they just want to stay home and play in there jammies or in a cardboard box.

    Carol Lonidier


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