Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Your Mama's So Crazy...

This will be a quick post because A) My posts are too long anyway and B) It's all I have time for and C) My life is just CRAZY these days! I just got in from having breakfast at the book fair with Michael and Mattie. It was chaotic and fun and expensive but totally worth it. Today is grandparents day at the book fair. I was there because I totally spaced out with Monday being Halloween and missed 'Muffins with Mom'. This sent my little 7 year old drama queen into a full-on tailspin. "But Mah-aahm...(she pauses for dramatic effect) you HAVE to do it on Grand's day because Daddy has to be there for 'Donuts with Dad' and they DON'T ALLOW MOMS ON THAT DAY!" So, as penance for being a crazy-busy, forgetful mommy...there I was this morning at the book fair with all of the grandparents and other forgetful mommies. Being an older mom, I guess I fit right in anyway. Oh, the shame! Heehee...

I love my kids. After she got so upset this morning, I told her that of course I would go but I would have to hurry to get ready. She jumped into my arms and nuzzled my neck with her little tear-stained face and whispered into my ear " are my best treasure. I'll help you with whatever you need." WOW. I'm so grateful now that I didn't say 'no' to her. Big Bonus for me! All three of them pitched in without complaining and helped me get ready in time. Patrick was so sweet and funny and Michael even made it to the car without forgetting his socks or shoes or backpack or anything! Crazy? Maybe. Happy and grateful? You better believe it.

It's the little things, isn't it?




  1. It definitely is! I love that she called you her treasure. That's too sweet! :) I'ma forgetful mommy too.

  2. Hehe, that's like you just posted a not on the fridge. It's sweet though. I like the fact that you were happy about Michael forgetting nothing, it's like even the smallest things bring up the best joys.

  3. Such a great post:) Loved your bonding moment with Mattie. Those times are what its all about. My son (junior in high school) had a great bonding moment this week too - not always easy with teenagers! We shared a love of a song from my high schools days that he now loves because of Guitar Hero. We decided to buy and share the CD (of course he will download it to his Ipod.) Loved the jam session we had in the car.

  4. Jessica-Thanks for making me feel better. Glad to know I'm not the only forgetful mommy out there. ( I guess we have the guts to admit it!)

    Jomar-I love seeing your comments on my blog! I'm loving having a conversation with a friend all the way across the world. So cool.

    Pam- I have yet to get my kids a Guitar Hero game. I'm afraid I'll never leave the house if I try it. I'm Putting it off as long as possible. Glad you and your don had bonding time. A little bit goes a long way for me, too. Glad you're doing well. Love ya!


  5. Sorry for all the typos...I can't type in the dark.


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