Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Exclusive Video: Mattie Moves Her Mountain!

On Saturday morning, David called me outside and said to bring the camera. I didn't want to. First of all I was still in my PJ's and was in the middle of cooking breakfast. Secondly, usually 'bring the camera' means that one (or more) of my children has gotten themselves into a pickle that will require me to go looking for a pair of scissors, a broom and a dustpan or massive quantities of paper towels.  In some cases, it might be all of the above. Grudgingly, I shuffled out to the garage in time to record my 7 year old daughter, Mattie, being encouraged by her father to push our giant SUV out of the porte cochere from a dead stop with only her bare hands. Talk about GIRL POWER!

The thing is...I'm a mom and so naturally I was not crazy about the idea. I immediately had several scenarios come to mind simultaneously. They included (but were not limited to): hernia, smashed toes, Mattie being squashed between the garage door and the car, her being bummed if she couldn't do it, my car being damaged, me having to damage my husband if any of the aforementioned occurred...you see where I'm going with this. Anyway, I reluctantly went along with it and got some really cool footage of my little girl whom we lovingly refer to as 'The Tank'. I think after watching this video, you'll see why.

I like the part where she decides to stop the car. I like that she was willing to give it a try. I like that she believed that she could do it. I like that her dad believed in her and encouraged her to try. (He's nuts). I especially like the part where she says "to begin with, pushing it was pretty hard but then it just gets easier." I just like the whole thing.

I think we could all learn a life lesson by watching this video. With the right attitude and unwavering faith we really can move our mountains. When I think of how big this car must look from her little perspective it reminds me of some of the obstacles in my life that I perceive to be insurmountable but when I really take a minute to think about it, probably fall more into the 'pretty hard at first but then gets easier' category. After the first big push of faith, we gain momentum through God's power and then by His grace our burdens become easier and more effortless as time passes. I needed to be reminded of that. Mattie believed and she moved her mountain. We can, too.


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  1. Go Mattie! What a great way to look at things! I am faced with moving some of my own mountains right now myself and this was a great reminder of where our help comes from.


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