Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Procrastinate, Therefore I Am. (going to get it done eventually).

I want to be real with you. That means I have to shine a light in some of my dark places to give you the real story of me. Even if it makes me squirm a little. So here goes. I am a procrastinator. Big time. My motto: Why do today what you can put off 'til tomorrow?' They say that confession is good for the soul so I'm ready to get this off my chest. But first....a little 'housekeeping issue.' (See, I'm putting it off already!)

I have a LOT on my mind most of the time. If I could get my thoughts organized and implemented, I'm pretty sure I could single handedly change the world as we know it. But that won't happen because I'm not likely to get my thoughts organized or implemented any time soon. Because there's a lot on my mind and I have found a platform and and audience to share it with, I have been writing a lot lately. Maybe a little too much. As Pastor Joel likes to say; 'Blessed are the short-winded for they will be invited back.' I say all of this to say that I am going to make an effort to reign myself in and create shorter posts that don't take so long to read. I'll try. No promises.

Okay, back to my original topic. They say that admitting you have a problem is the first step to making a change. I say that's a load of poo. I have been glaringly aware and have admitted openly that I procrastinate for practically my whole life. Trust me, its not getting any better. It's also pretty obvious to anyone who knows me that I've turned procrastination into an art form. I'm quite good at it. Looking at me you might never even guess I have an issue with this. Fact is, I was going to get a jump on writing this post last night but I started messing around with Wordpress and eating Trisquits and chatting with friends on Facebook and talked myself into waiting until this morning. That's what I DO.

I'm not lazy. I am a 'do-er' and I will get things done. You can count on that. I just get them done at the last minute. I'll give you an example: We are going to Maine in a few weeks. Because I was a big dummy and assumed that school started the last week of August, I planned our flight so that my kids will be missing the first day of school. Perfect attendance shot down on the first day. Oh, well. Manure occurs. So, we will have to hit the ground running when we get back. School supply shopping, back to school clothes, packing, etc. all has to be done before we leave for vacation. Do I have any plan in place to get this done, pronto? You would think so. But, alas, no. Today I told the kids we would go fishing so shopping will have to wait. Tomorrow I've invited a friend over to hang out so my day will be tied up with relaxing and chatting and chasing kids. I'll get to it. Really. I will. I always do.

I'd describe myself as a clutch player. I can do amazing things in a short amount of time while under pressure. It's just the way I'm wired. I don't like to rush into things. (I don't have a problem, however, rushing other people into things). Heehee. When the chips are down, I dive in and systematically kick proverbial butt to get things accomplished. 

So here's the question. Is it okay to be a self proclaimed functional procrastinator? I mean...if it works for me and I've learned to live a pretty productive happy life despite this particular inadequacy? Should I beat myself up about it and try to overhaul myself and (for lack of a better analogy) teach an old dog new tricks? I just don't know.... 

There's a lot to do today. Laundry is piled up and I need to put a dent in it before everybody runs out of underwear. Right now I'm going to go upstairs and watch a 'show' that the kids have been rehearsing and begging me to watch all morning. There's a front row seat reserved just for me.

The world as we know it can wait. I'll figure it all out later.




  1. Hi Cat,
    First of all, I hope you reconsider about not writing so much. I love to read your blogs. They seem to really minister to me at just the right times. As for your procrastination - I'd say if you are at peace with how you are doing things, then there's your answer. I wouldn't change a thing. Sounds like you're enjoying life to its fullest:)

  2. Great one, Catherine.
    Have a wonderful trip. School can wait.

    Carol Lonidier

  3. LOL! Loved this one...pretty long but...hahahaha...just kidding! I write log ones too so I do understand. About procastination...well, if you're able to get things done eventually, then it's all good, chica! There are functionally disorganized there can be functional procatinators. :)

    Have a safe trip...and yes, school can wait! Fun times!

  4. Love you, great job, honey!



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